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Child health whistleblower Vikki Mata appeals for donations

Oregon whistleblower Vikki Mata is requesting donations to cover the cost ($6,000) of court transcripts. She must order the transcripts by February 6 in order to appeal a ruling in her case that barred favorable expert testimony.

Whistleblowers and the prosecution loophole

(Commentary) by Shanna Devine (Government Accountability Project) and Liz Hempowicz (Project on Government Oversight) Published in The HIll, March 12, 2015 When facing the prospect of criminal prosecution for leaking highly classified material to his mistress and later lying about it…

Coleen Rowley has some questions for James Comey

In a July 8 op-ed for the New York Times, FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley questioned the appropriateness of President Obama’s nomination of James B. Comey to head the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  She pointed out that Comey, despite initial reluctance, eventually did…