Brave whistleblowers still face overwhelming odds

In a recent article, “Democrats on Capitol Hill ask White House not to gag federal employees“, the Washington Post quotes from a Congressional letter to President Trump. “As the new Administration seeks to better understand what problems exist in this area,…

A Christmas movie for whistleblowers

For the whistleblower in search of Christmas entertainment, look no further than the 1947 film classic, “Miracle on 34th Street.” The plot is a classic whistleblowing situation:  A principled employee observes unethical and possibly illegal conduct and is subjected to…

Whistleblowers and the prosecution loophole

(Commentary) by Shanna Devine (Government Accountability Project) and Liz Hempowicz (Project on Government Oversight) Published in The HIll, March 12, 2015 When facing the prospect of criminal prosecution for leaking highly classified material to his mistress and later lying about it…

FIlm Review: ‘Top Priority: The Terror Within’

“Top Priority: the Terror Within” tells the true story of whistleblower Julia Davis, a former DHS/ICE officer who conscientiously tries to prevent a bureaucratic SNAFU from turning into another 9/11.  

Edward Snowden gets a new job

Moscow newspapers reported today that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden has been hired to perform website maintenance for “an unidentified major online resource” in Russia.