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Whistleblowing Today is a nonprofit, online magazine devoted to providing independent news and views on whistleblowing. Staff and guest contributors donate time and resources to inform and engage readers.

Exective Director:  Donald Soeken
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Whistleblowing Today is a project of the Whistleblower Support Fund, a 501(c)(3) organization with decades of experience in providing counseling and other services to whistleblowers.  To learn more about the Whistleblower Support Fund, go to www.whistleblowing.us.

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  1. David Leighton
    June 10, 2014 at 3:09 pm

    I tried to report a doctor for medicare fraud. I went to him for a specific heart problem, he never examined me. All he did was type up a history that I brought in, and then announced “your 30 min. are up” and left the room. When I made appt. they told me they would do ekg, and then refer me to get a “holter” monitor put on. None of that happened. When I got the bill, I wrote a letter telling him I refuse to pay. He apologized, and asked for another chance. I went back, only to find out that “chance” was only to try to collect the $40 from the previous appt. I was asked by 4 women for the $40., I told them all that I would talk to the doctor about that. When I went back to exam room, he asked a few questions, and asked what the paper was in my hand. I told him it was the bill the office just gave me, ne asked if I took care of it? I replied no, I thought we were starting over. He then stood up and screamed “GET OUT OF MY OFFICE”. He billed for this appt. also. He used for the first appt. 99215 – the highest level of care, and for the second appt. 99205, also the highest level of care – TO KICK ME OUT OF HIS OFFICE !!!! I had to get new doctor, and this one did listen to my heart, referred me to a cardiologist, referred me for eye exam, ordered chest xray and shoulder xray. She also referred me to urologist for PSA, as I had cancer in past and had not been checked for a few years. She did this all in one appt. and billed code 99202 a 20 min appt. a lot less money. When I called Medicare about the first doctor, she saw nothing wrong, he just charged for an office visit. NO WONDER MEDICARE IS GOING BROKE!!!!! I have tried to find a lawyer to take this doctor to court, no response from them, I tried to report this doctor to local news media – they didn’t care either. NO ONE CARES THAT THIS DOCTOR IS RIPPING EVERYONE OFF!!

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