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Whistleblowers testify that VA whitewashed healthcare scandals, retaliation persists

[Cross-posted from Whistleblower Support Fund] At a hearing of the Senate Appropriations committee Thursday, whistleblowers testified on Veterans Affair’s investigation of the concerns about healthcare deficiencies at Veterans Affairs hospitals–investigations they characterized as a collective whitewash.

Internal whistleblowing failed to stop torture, notes Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden told attendees at an Paris conference that he was “deeply saddened and to a great extent angered” by what he read in the US Senate report on CIA interrogation of terrorism suspects. The conference, sponsored by Amnesty International,…

Senator Grassley asks Obama to clarify whistleblower protections

Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) has written President Obama to inquire about the impacts of a recent court ruling on the civil service. The ruling in Kaplan v. Conyers and Northover removed from MSPB review the claims of employees deemed to hold…