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Presidential candidate would pardon Snowden, Assange

Presidential candidate and veteran Tulsi Gabbard told Joe Rogan this week that she would pardon National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange. The interview was a rare and refreshing example of thoughtful discussion of issues…

Gaps confirmed in protections for national security whistleblowers

Washington, D.C. — According to a new report, workers in national security positions remain vulnerable to reprisal under current federal laws. The PEN America report, Secret Sources: Whistleblowers, National Security, and Free Expression, refutes allegations by current and former government…

FIlm Review: ‘Top Priority: The Terror Within’

“Top Priority: the Terror Within” tells the true story of whistleblower Julia Davis, a former DHS/ICE officer who conscientiously tries to prevent a bureaucratic SNAFU from turning into another 9/11.