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This Halloween’s creepiest film is a documentary

If you’re looking for a scary film to see this Halloween, forget warmed-over classics involving vampires, chainsaws and extra-terrestrials and get yourself to a screening of Citizenfour-–a film that out-creeps the rest with real-world villains. The story plot is high-tech…

FIlm Review: ‘Top Priority: The Terror Within’

“Top Priority: the Terror Within” tells the true story of whistleblower Julia Davis, a former DHS/ICE officer who conscientiously tries to prevent a bureaucratic SNAFU from turning into another 9/11.  

Who is Edward Snowden? He’s “Condor.”

Something about Edward Snowden struck me as familiar.  Had we crossed paths somewhere?  We had, after all, lived in the same small town. Not until I recalled a Sydney Pollack spy thriller did an explanation emerge.