Whistleblower Russ Tice comments on Obama’s NSA speech


Following President Obama’s speech on Friday, a Reuters reporter interviewed Russell Tice for comments on the president’s proposed reforms of National Security Agency surveillance programs.Tice, a former NSA employee and whistleblower, criticized the lack of a mechanism to determine if the NSA is lying about its activities.”NSA has targeted Congress they’ve targeted the Supreme Court, they’ve targeted top-level generals and admirals, they’ve target the press and the media, and a whole bunch of other folks, lawyers and law firms; this was in 1995,” says Tice.

As to how to fix the problems, he says, “You have to have someone inside NSA who is not part of the intelligence community who does not have a dog in the fight somehow. The network to do this is still intact so the capability exists.  Anyone down the line can use that monster to turn our country into a totalitarian police state.”

Tice’s whistleblowing at the NSA and the agency’s retaliatory response are described in a new book, “Don’t Kill the Messenger!” by Donald Ray Soeken.