Defense rests in Bradley Manning trial


The defense portion of Army whistleblower Bradley Manning’s trial concluded on Wednesday after three days of testimony from a total of ten witnesses. One of the witnesses, Colonel Morris Davis, the former chief military prosecutor at Guantánamo appeared this morning on Democracy Now!

Davis described his courtroom testimony regarding documents published on Wikileaks. He said he was able to determine that “the vast majority” of the information from a sample group of Guantanamo detainee assessments was in the public domain, indicating no harm was done by releasing them on Wikileaks.

Another witness, Harvard law professor Yochai Benkler, described how the public perception of WikiLeaks was transformed after Manning’s disclosures.

Private Manning did not testify during the trial, but did testify during a pre-trial hearing in February. On Monday, the judge will decide the scope of testimony from rebuttal witnesses.