Bradley Manning escapes “aiding the enemy” charge, but still could serve life in prison



Shortly after 1 pm today, Army Col. Denise Lind rendered her verdicts in the case of Army whistleblower Bradley Mannning.  The Guardian reports that she found Manning guilty in 17 of the 22 counts against him, and found him guilty of amended versions of 4 others.

The one ray of light in an otherwise bleak outcome for the Army private was that he was found not guilty of the single most serious charge against him – that he knowingly “aided the enemy”, in practice al-Qaida, by disclosing information to the WikiLeaks website that in turn made it accessible to all users including enemy groups.

The judge also found Manning not guilty of leaking encrypted video of a US airstrike in Farah province (Aghanistan), reports The Guardian. Maximum penalties for the remaining charges could result in a sentence of more than 100 years (sources vary as to the exact number).

Alexa O’Brien, who has diligently documented the trial, tweeted Judge Lind’s verdicts count by count.

Aiding the Enemy– NOT GUILTY

Spec 1, Charge II Wanton Publication (Which #Manning was found guilty of is 2 years MAX– see below)
Spec 2, Charge II Guilty to his LIO plea for 793(e) Collateral Murder #Manning Charge III (Article 92) Spec 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 GUILTY (2 years MAX each, TOTAL MAX 10 years) #Manning
Spec 1, Charge II Wanton Pub. Guilty #Manning
Spec II, Charge II Guilty to his LIO plea for 793(e) Collateral Murder #Manning
Spec 3, Charge II CIA Red Cell Memo 793(e) GUILTY #Manning (10 years MAX)
Spec 4, Charge II Iraq War Logs Database 641 GUILTY (10 years MAX) #Manning
Spec 5, Charge II Iraq War Logs Espionage 793(e) GUILTY (10 years) #Manning
Spec 6, Charge II Afghan War Diray Database 641 GUILTY (10 years) #Manning
Spec 7, Charge II Afghan War Diary Espionage 793(e) GUILTY #Manning (10 Years MAX)
Spec 8, Charge II GTMO Files Database 641 GUILTY #Manning (10 Years MAX)
Spec 9, Charge II GTMO File 793(e) Espionage GUILTY #Manning (10 Years MAX)
Spec 10, Charge II Farah Records 793(e) GUILTY #Manning (10 Years Max)
Spec 11, Charge II Garani Video 793(e) NOT GUILTY #Manning
Spec 12, Charge II Cablegate database 641 GUILTY #Manning (10 Years MAX)
Spec 13, Charge II Cablegate CFAA Exceed Auth Access GUILTY #Manning (10 Years)
Spec 14, Charge II Reykjavik 13 GUILTY to his LIO (‘knowingly accessing’) #Manning (2 years MAX)
Spec 15, Charge II USACIC Memo on WikiLeaks 793(e) GUILTY #Manning (10 tears MAX)
Spec 16, Charge II Microsoft Exchange GAL 641 GUILTY #Manning (10 Years MAX)

Tomorrow, the sentencing phase of the trial begins.